In viewing my recent art projects, it has become clear to me that autumn is a favorite subject of mine.

Small wonder, as it is also my favorite season by far. It seems to be the favorite season for a vast majority of people out there, actually.

I cannot speak for everyone, so I’ll just explain why it is I love autumn so much.

I think most living far north of the equator will agree that winter is just a season of “yuck”. Bitter cold days, gloomy overcast skies, and worst of all are the icy, treacherous roads on our daily commutes.

Spring brings relief with warming days, flowers peeking out, and birds singing—however it’s also a tumultuous season with erratic temperature swings and sometimes violent weather in the form of thunderstorms, hailstorms and tornadoes. Often, it feels as though we get just a couple days of nice, pleasant temperatures and suddenly we’re thrust into the sauna of summer.

Summer is just hot. Hot, hot, HOT. And I don’t even live down in the oven states like Arizona—don’t know how you folks survive down there! The only relief I get out here is escaping up into the mountains on the weekends, which then makes it the reason summer is my second favorite season—because the mountains aren’t buried under snow and I can get up there and view all their amazing beauty and enjoy comfortable temperatures at the same time.

So this brings me to autumn. Autumn is just lovely. The temperatures mellow out but there’s no crazy mood-swings like you get in the spring with violent weather. I get to snuggle up in my long-sleeve shirts and boots and comfy, cute coats. I can throw an extra blanket on the bed, enjoy hot drinks and have it feel relevant, like my favorite chai tea lattes or an occasional hot chocolate. (Never really got into the whole pumpkin spice craze.)

And then there’s the colors. Oh, the beautiful, gorgeous colors. I’m a huge fan of warm colors and contrast, and autumn is full of it. The leaves all turning hues of yellow, orange and red, vastly contrasted by the azure blue skies. It’s an artist’s dream come true.

So autumn is therefore a season of inspiration for me. Small wonder I’ve been doing so much to honor the season.

I’m going to share a few of the pieces I’ve been working on that are autumn-inspired.

I have been participating in #Inktober this month, as well, so you will see a few black and white ink drawings in the mix.

What’s your favorite season? Do you find yourself drawing inspiration from it in your art?

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5 thoughts on “Autumn-Inspired

  1. Although I love your autumn-themed creations, fall is my least favorite season. It’s too miserable giving up the warmth and bright days of summer. Aw, well, only another six months to go…


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