The joys and benefits of participating in daily creative prompts.

If you’ve been following me for a while, especially on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been participating pretty regularly in various daily creative prompts each month.

During February and March, I took part in Boho Berry (and company’s) #RockYourHandwriting. It was really fun to do as it has been a desire of mine to improve my handwriting and actually improve my hand lettering as well. (There is a difference between the two – handwriting being your usual every day writing that you use to take down notes, write letters, etc. Hand lettering is drawing letters and they’re usually a lot more stylized than you would see with handwriting—think brush lettering, big, chunky letters, etc.)


I did, admittedly, get a little burned out on all the hand lettering towards the end of the second month, so for the month of April, I took part in Sealemon’s daily doodle challenge (#sealemon). It was nice to step completely away from all the handwriting/lettering emphasis and focus on actual drawing… and, frankly, to show myself that I can still draw.

IMG_1355 IMG_1455

Even this month at a couple of points I felt burned-out, or possibly just mentally blocked by some of the prompts, but I still made an effort to do something each day, even if it had nothing to do with any of the given prompts.

Late this month, I decided I would start to take part in #The100DayProject—a lofty goal of creating something every day for 100 days. This challenge ends of July 27, and I think the only reason I decided to jump in on the challenge was the fact that it ends on my birthday. Happy birthday to me, right?

I have done some rough calculating in my head, however, and I estimate I’ve been consistently doing something creative on a daily basis now since about January. A few days missed here and there, of course (I’m human—not a robot.) All in all, I’ve already been creating something just about every day for 100 days. Whew! But since I don’t have any intentions of stopping any time soon, I figured I can jump in on that Instagram challenge, as well.

Now, there are a couple drawbacks to doing this.

  1. This puts other art projects on the back burner for me. On days where I’d maybe be doing a little work in an art journal or on a painting or book binding, I’m working in my sketchbook on the next day’s prompt. This is okay, of course, but it’s something I have to keep in mind, especially because I am still participating in an art journal pass group and I need to make sure I get those journals complete and pass them along. My book binding actually has lately come in the form of commissions, so those actually had to take way higher priority over everything for a couple of weeks (and I’ll share those projects in another blog post. Really happy with how they turned out.)
  2. There WILL be burnout. I said it. And I repeat from earlier, I’m human, not a robot. I find it can be very easy to get caught up in the perfectionism that is rampant in social media and want to not miss days else I look like a failure. But it happens. In fact last weekend I reached a point where I was starting to feel like my design work was owning me and I had to force myself on Sunday to do nothing creative beyond take care of my bullet journal entry for the following day. And yes, the break was fantastic.

Those two “cons” aside, the pros to participating in the prompts have been a lot more practice and progress which means improvement and increased confidence in my skills. I have also managed to completely fill my blue coptic stitch sketchbook and my travel Moleskine is going to be finishing up here pretty quickly, as well. I will be filming a flip through of each of those to share on YouTube shortly. I’ve said it in the past, but it is so rewarding and satisfying to me when I finish an art journal or sketchbook from cover-to-cover.


Now with the April #sealemon prompt coming to a close, I spent some time today searching for a new daily prompt in which I could participate. I was at first finding nothing, so I went ahead and announced on Instagram that I’d take part in #RockYourHandwriting again. However, I finally found another daily prompt that sounds like it’s right up my alley—Dawn Nicole Design’s #DNDchallenge. This challenge alternates days of illustration/art and hand lettering. Perfect! Two of the things I love doing! So keep an eye on my Instagram feed for my participation there.

If you haven’t attempted to participate in a daily art challenge, I really recommend it. Just remember that it’s okay to give yourself a break when you start feeling overwhelmed at all. And do remember to do it for yourself and your enjoyment. That’s what’s most important!

Hope to see you on Instagram! Give me a shout if you decide to take part in one of the challenges listed above.



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