Oh, blogger, where art thou?

Lately I have been having to make decisions and sacrifices in my social media world as to what I want to spend time on, and what will have to wait until the time seems right.

I have not ceased creating. If anything, it feels like I’ve been doing progressively more creative stuff every day, but very honestly lacking the motivation to sit down and write out a detailed blog about it.

So the choices I have are either:

  1. Make one creative piece, and then sit down and write a detailed description about how I did it, take lots of photos of said piece, prep them in Photoshop, upload them to my blog, and make sure I provide a materials list.  OR:
  2. Make many creative pieces and instead share quick photos on Instagram with a brief description, then quickly move on to my next creative endeavor.

Right now the choice has been Instagram. Lots of it. And I’m loving the platform because it provides immediate feedback. The creative community on Instagram is great, too.

So there’s a quick explanation on why my posts here have been infrequent.

I do love having my blog available, however, for those times where I really do wish to be more detailed about certain processes.

For those not following me on Instagram (@kellyro77), here’s a look at what I’ve been up to since my last post.

I’ve since ceased participating in #RockYourHandwritng for now. I was getting a little burned out on it. I’ll sneak in an occasional entry with that challenge, but I’ve now started following @Sealemon and I’ve been doing her April 2016 daily doodle challenge instead.


I’ve been primarily using the rest of the pages in my pretty blue Coptic stitch journal for this. After I use all those pages up, I’ll shift back over to my travel Moleskine. And when that gets full, next will come my new pocket Leuchtturm1917. I am really enjoying my Leichtturm1917 for my bullet journaling.  

 Speaking of which, I’m continuing to utilize that system, too. I mostly love it because it’s another daily opportunity to do some creative doodling (because that’s how I have mine set up.)

So I appreciate those of you who still continue to follow me here. If you ever do feel starved of content from me, I strongly encourage you to give me a follow on Instagram so you won’t miss what I’ve been up to, which includes doodling, illustration, hand lettering (including teases on my taking up and learning Spencerian penmanship), and, of course, art journaling, book binding, and watercolor painting.


Hope you’re having a blessed weekend! Thank you so much for reading.


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