Creativity overload

  I think I’m about to short circuit creatively. I have about five or so creative projects brewing and in various stages of completion and my head’s getting a bit freaked out by it all. 

I am happy I’ve essentially been doing something creative every day, but I’ve mentioned in the past that it is important for me, mentally and emotionally, to finish what I’ve been working on. I have far too many unfinished drawings from my younger days and it’s a habit I’m not keen on falling back into. 

At least this evening my head has decided this is a “problem” that should be addressed. I’ll briefly wax philosophical on you here for some food for thought… Nothing is ever a problem. Everything just “is” and my lack of acceptance with what just “is” is what sends my fears into overdrive and ultimately turns them into self-fulfilling prophecies. 

So what?

So what if I have several pieces of art in various stages of completion? It really is not a tragedy. In reality, trekking down that road just leads me towards the self-abuse trait we all call “perfectionism.”

So I’m going to give myself a break. Call this blog post a “vent” and say:

Here’s some art I’ve been doing in my absence of posting!

And yes, some of it actually is complete!


  Happy weekend, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Creativity overload

  1. Keep going, friend. I loved the zentangles/doodles at the top and of course the muse kitten. What better to keep second thoughts and a critic mind at bay than a muse kitten!


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