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beinspired-1I’m going through a case of the “don’t wanna’s” this week. Which is ironic, in a way, considering the theme of this journal is “Be Inspired”.

I have another journal to share with you from the Pass the Journal group I’m participating in. This is journal number three, and I will say I really liked working in it. I was put off at first a bit by the spiral binding and its size. I like compact art journals, but I’m not a fan of spiral binding because of the huge gap it puts in the middle of a layout. But I enjoyed working in this little book and I hope my creative friend enjoys what I put together for her.

The “don’t wanna’s” is in reference to blogging.

Blaaaaaaaaah. Blog. Work. Meh. Maybe it’s mostly because it gets time-consuming typing out my process.

It’s either this, or if I want to share my details, I need to go the route of video-recording my work, and that’s a whole different set of editing to have to go through.

I really DO want to share my processes with everyone, as I hope someone out there finds it helpful. But good grief. I wish I could just connect my brain to the computer, flash it a bunch of mental pictures and voila! It would instantly know what to put down for me instead of making me think.

It doesn’t help that I’m a bit tired today, haha.


Enough moaning and groaning. Here’s my process!

I was a bit stumped as to what I wanted to do for a layout in this person’s art journal. Her cover had a title of “The Earth is what we all have in common.” So I wanted to try to figure out how to incorporate that into my layout. Because I was feeling at a loss, I went my old familiar route of throwing color down on the page and then seeing what came up after.

I haven’t used my spray inks for a while, so I decided to play around a bit with them. I used Dylusions in Liquid Sunshine, Lemon Zest, Postbox Red and Cherry Pie, then added a finishing touch of sparkle with Recollections gold.

biprog-1Yes. Another heavily-red background with blue accents. I can’t help it, people. I love these color combinations. But I probably need to start backing off. I’ve been using a lot of blue and orange lately, too, and even my colleagues at my full-time job are starting to wonder what is up with me and that color combo. LOL.

Back to the layout… I shouldn’t have bothered with the gold ink spray because I needed to seal up the page after the inks had dried… and whenever I do this, the inks run together because they react to moisture—and gel medium, being moist, activates the inks so they all kind of bleed together when I smear a layer of it down. A good reminder, once again, why I don’t like using Dylusions spray inks because of how they react to other wet mediums.

biprog-2Anyhow, I had a feeling my gorgeous gold spray ink would blend away so I took out some Elizabeth Craft microfine glitters in True Red and Saffron and some yellow Finnabair glitter, as well, and mixed them in with my gel medium before I spread it over the page. So the page still has a lot of beautiful sparkle to it. In hindsight I may have been better off skipping the Finnabair glitter – it wasn’t microfine so it leaves sort of “large” speckles of glitter over the layout. Not quite as subtle as I was hoping to get if I’d just used the microfine glitters, instead.

Regardless, I hit the layout with my heat tool then set it under a pile of heavy books with a layer of wax paper in between to allow it to dry flat overnight (the paper was starting to warp after all the ink sprays and gel medium coverage.)

This allowed me to think some more about the focal point for the piece. I decided I wanted to use a chipboard frame from K&Company on the layout and at length I decided to go with a pretty white-sand beach photograph behind the frame, which I felt kind of went with the “earth” theme. The colors contrast strikingly with the red/orange background, which I really like. I googled “free white sand beach wallpaper” and found one that I enjoyed and thought would look nice on the layout then printed a color version of it.

I figured out where I was going to set the frame and then did some drawings of vines on the layout first before adhering the beach picture. The vines were to represent more “earth” element on the layout and create some interest that draws the eye around. I used a Sakura Micron pen to do this. Once I had the beach picture glued down, I painted over the top of it with Distress Crackle paint in Clear Rock Candy to give the photograph a little something extra, as well as to hopefully help protect the paper and color laser ink.

biprog-3I then decided I wanted to stamp one of my Inkadinkado flourish stamps on the layout to “fill” it a little more, as the vines themselves seemed kind of sparse. I’m not so sure this, either, was the best idea, but it’s down now. I stamped it using black Archival ink.

I then wrote down the “Be Inspired” sentiment and drew a little frame around it with a heart. My next step was to adhere down the chipboard frame.

Final touches were putting little dots of acrylic paint in Turquoise and Blue Light in spots around the layout, as well as some white dots using my white Uni-Ball Signo pen, which I also used to draw some white lines around the sentiment. Lastly, I hit all the edges of the layout with more black Archival ink using a cheap makeup sponge to create a vignette.


beinspired-5This is the first time I’ve used an actual photograph in one of my art journal layouts. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I sometimes feel photographs are so “flat” that they don’t mix well with all the textured mixed media work, but I think this layout proved my opinion wrong.

This journal is currently on it’s way to the next participant in our pass group. I have another sitting waiting for me to get creating, now.

Hope you enjoyed the layout. Please leave a comment, like or share the page, and be sure to follow me on Instagram where I post other miscellaneous projects and sneak-peaks of future layouts! Thank you!


List of materials:

Spiral-bound Journal
Dylusions Spray Inks
Recollections Spray Ink
Golden Soft Gel Matte
Elizabeth Craft Microfine Glitter
Finnabiar Glitter
Sakura Micron Pen
Distress Crackle Paint
Artist’s Loft Acrylic Paints
Uni-Ball Signo Pen
Archival Ink

2 thoughts on ““Be Inspired” – Pass the Journal

  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your process. Not only do you inspire me and inform my amateur painting skills, but I have taken to sharing my process of writing poetry (my art form of choice) on my site as well. I always smile when I see a new posting from you in my inbox. So thank you for being inspired in spite of the “don’t wanna’s”. I know this follower appreciates your efforts.


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