Rock Your Handwriting – second week


Happy weekend, my friends!

I’m feeling loads more content today than I was in my last entry. Probably where some of that contentment is coming from is the fact that I did some work in my art journal yesterday. Nothing’s finished yet, but I have some pretty specific ideas going for it, so I don’t see it taking too long to be finished and ready to share.

I’ve finished up my second week of participating in the #RockYourHandwriting challenge on Instagram. The challenge itself is in its third week. A lot of the prompts for the challenge this week were challenging for me to work with. It was that or I was in a bit of a tired, burn-out funk and just couldn’t think of anything extremely creative to do with most of the layouts with the exception of the one I did for today’s prompt. For today’s prompt (which was simply stated as “Details”) I completely rocked it.



rock-3I’m going to keep this post pretty brief, however. Just sharing my spreads with you and then I’m off to get my day going. All my photos ended up square, too, because I forgot I had my camera set on the square setting for the Instagram photos.

It’s supposed to be a gorgeous day here in Colorado, with unusually warm weather for February. I’m going to take advantage of the weather and go out and sow some flower seeds that require a stratification period. (My horticulturist colleague at my job will be so proud of me!) This is the first time I’ve tried sowing seeds on this level in a long, long time. I’m excited to see what comes around, however. I’ll be a gardener yet!

After playing in the dirt I’ll knock some chores out of the way, and take care of some more art journaling. Heck, I even have a massage scheduled!

Life is good here at the foot of the Rockies!

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List of materials:

Travel Moleskine
Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens

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