Art journaling withdrawals 

I have not worked on another art journal layout for almost a week and I’m starting to feel its impact on me. 

I feel pretty restless, irritable and discontent at the moment. 

Usually by now I’ve at least gessoed a spread and put down a little color and I’m then mulling over what to do next and what its focus will be. 

I have been continuing to participate in the #RockYourHandwritng challenge as you may have spied in my Instagram feed, but I’m finding that in itself isn’t quite enough of a creative outlet for me. 

It’s clear to me this evening that I crave variety. I think it’s hard to say I’ll ever become an “expert” in one particular form of media or application because I spread it around. I suppose after doing this many years the experience in all will eventually accumulate. 

I think what may also be throwing off my “jive” is that I’m currently experimenting with using a bullet journal. I started it Sunday when I received my Leuchtturm1917 journal. 

 For those not familiar, a bullet journal is sort of a planner, tracker and journal all wrapped up in one. And it is completely customizable. You start with a blank journal and fill it in as you see fit. 

I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person in my free time. Sure, I stay focused and organized when it comes to my job and other commitments I make… But when it comes down to me with free time on my hands, it’s usually whatever I feel like doing. 

This is nice, but also at times I can tend to skip “boring” necessities in favor of doing something fun, which can get counterproductive at times. 

This journey into bullet journaling is an experiment to see if I can find a way to stay on track with goals and miscellaneous tasks. The bullet journal was appealing to me because of its customizable nature, and, if you choose, you can get pretty artsy with it – making your layouts pretty with doodles and fancy handwriting etc. 

This bullet journaling has been eating up my time now. Where before I may have spent time playing in my art journal or watching inspirational YouTube videos, I’m instead making notes for what I’ll be doing tomorrow, filling out lists and checking off tasks. Or making sure I’m doing listed tasks so I CAN check them off. 

The benefits I’ve seen from this so far is that I’m being more mindful on taking care of things I feel are important outside of art, such as being more regular with my spiritual practices, and getting important appointments and tasks  taken care of instead of putting them off indefinitely. 

I think it is important to stay focused on your goals. But boy do I need practice doing it. 

So this bullet journal thing is a bit of a learning curve for me and I think I’m feeling some growing pains for now in my first week of doing it. 

I think after doing this for a month I’ll start getting a better idea on how to make it efficient for me and my goals and maybe things will balance out better so I’m not feeling creatively stifled. 

I am making some pretty art in it, but it’s all practice stuff following my inspiration for this, Boho Berry. So I don’t feel like my own voice is 100% present in the journal right now. Just following along with what she does for now and hoping I’ll figure out how to best adapt it when I get a better I understanding of working in it. 

Decided to blog about it since I was feeling the urge to vent. I’m sure my fellow creative friends can sympathize. 

I’d love to hear how you stay organized and keep balanced in your life. Any tips or tricks to share? Post ’em below. 

Bright side is, tomorrow’s Friday and my bu-jo is showing I have a lot of open free time available to me after work, and art journaling is on the list of to-dos. 



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