Free coloring book

Coloring Book SpreadI have another freebie for you. If you’re in to coloring books or taking images from adult coloring books and using them in your art journaling projects, then this is for you!

Full disclosure: I did this at my job and it was made as a promotional item for Botanical Interests.

Most of these are essentially tracings of the gorgeous artwork that adorns Botanical Interests’ seed packets. The artwork is created by talented botanical artists including Donna Clement, Carolyn Crawford, Marjorie Leggitt, Peggy Turchette and Tracy Wager. So, I am not taking credit for the drawings. The only thing I can say is I converted all the art to outlines – some of it completely by hand, others using a Wacom tablet in Adobe Illustrator – and I did the compositions of the mandalas and the “Bountiful Tapestry” layout. “Bountiful Tapestry” does contain some of my own art in it where I connected all the various vegetable images with vines winding throughout the layout.

In any case, this was extremely fun for me to work on. Probably the most enjoyable part for me was working on the cover design where I got to “test” the coloring page by partially coloring the flowers for the photograph.

I love my job!

IMG_0232And now I want to offer this up free to you to color, use in your mixed media projects, or gift to a family member or friend.

Use the Download button below. It will take you to the Botanical Interests web site where you can then download the FREE coloring book.

Download Botanical Interests coloring book
Clicking will take you to the Botanical Interests web site.

Please share images with me if you’ve chosen to use this in your art. I’d love to see it in action. And my colleagues and I would also love to see your colored masterpieces on social media – if you post it up on social media, please tag with #sowcreative so we can find it!

Thank you for letting me share this with you.

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2 thoughts on “Free coloring book

  1. Thank you so much. These are lovely pages. I was in the planning stage of making a birthday card for a friend who is a gardener. This will be perfect! I will share my finished product with you. Thanks again.


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