Art Journaling Freebie

Random TextHappy weekend everyone!

I have a freebie for you!

While I was working on my latest art journal entry, I had been using a torn up instruction sheet from some Speedball dip pens I had purchased a while ago. The sheet had gorgeous samples of script and calligraphic lettering on it and I thought it would be perfect to use.

This got me reflecting today that I was sitting there thinking how awesome it was I found this treasure and was feeling like I had to “luck out” to find stuff like that to use in my art journals.

Then a big “duh” moment hit me.

I am a graphic designer.

I can make these things myself to use in art journals.

And thus today’s freebie was born.

IMG_0347I threw this together rather quickly. I think I also did this because I’m avoiding doing necessary things like vacuuming and dusting around the house right now.

It was very simple for me to put together, however, and I figured I could share the wealth.

I might make this an exercise to offer up a freebie background page for download on a monthly basis. I think I’ll be able to develop a sort of niche or style to it, as well and hopefully come up with more and more interesting backgrounds.

I do like this one, however. It has light elements and heavy elements at various sizes.

For the random text, I used a free online “Lorem Ipsum” generator.

Go ahead and download your free PDF and print this out and use it as background noise for your mixed media projects! It is 8.5×11. Use it in tact or tear it up and paste away.

Download Random Text PDF

IMG_0348I do recommend printing this on laser versus ink jet, since ink jet ink typically reacts to water… unless you’re going for that sort of thing!

Please share images with me if you’ve chosen to use this in your art. I’d love to see it in action.

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7 thoughts on “Art Journaling Freebie

  1. I love it great for examples, I plan on using it hopefully today in my journal. I have been staring at my journal for 2 days now I have an inspiration. I put it on stickers to and intend to scatter it through the journal reminding me to practice. Thank you


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