“Copper Leaf”

copper-1Just one more layout after this one and I’m close to calling my Canson art journal finished. I’ll have the cover to do, still, but no more layouts inside of this art journal.

I always feel really excited when I get close to finishing a journal. It represents an accomplished goal, and they’re just so dang fun to look at. Little art books, is how I kind of view them. And they’re all 100% unique.

The cover design of this will be interesting – I’m thinking I want to pull apart the spiral binding on this, for one, and make it a bit wider since the pages on this layout are alligatoring despite having spiral binding. We’ll see how that goes.

On to the current layout…

I’ve been continuing to feel inspired by MixedMedia Jenn’s and France Papillon’s layouts, so you will see that reflected in this layout and perhaps my final Canson layout, as well (which I am currently working on… I have a layer of gesso drying as I type right now.)

I wanted to go with rusty colors and complimentary aqua blues, as well as adhere some cloth to the page and use one of many leaves I collected a couple months ago when the leaves were changing in autumn.

I used several different colors in my Artist’s Loft acrylic paints: copper, old gold, burnt umber, burnt sienna, crimson and orange. Painted all of those on with a wet brush and occasionally softened edges with a baby wipe. As soon as the coppery brown tones dried, I went over the top with more wet-down acrylics in aqua blue, light blue and phthalo blue. I sprayed along the heavier-coverage edge with water to get the paint to drip a bit, mopping up undesired drips with my baby wipe.

I gave everything a thorough drying with my heat tool, then pulled out some scraps of cloth in colors that would work well with the layout. I tried at first to staple them together, but the staples seemed to not be able to puncture the cloth correctly. I left the unsuccessful staples hanging on the cloth, however, for added interest.

copper-4I decided to just glue the cloth down to the layout in layers with PVA glue.

I drew a loose frame around the edge of the cloth focal point in a dark blue Derwent Inktense pencil then softened it up by washing over it with a damp brush. I wrote some inspirational quotes around the edges of the frame… don’t ask me what they were. I purposely wrote very sloppily because I wasn’t exactly trying to go for clear words, just the suggestion of words around the edge. If you can make out what they say, then brownie points for you!

I wanted to make the frame more interesting so I took a piece of black embroidery thread and stuck it over the top of my traced out frame using a Martha Stewart glue pen.

I adhered the leaf over the top of the cloth with more PVA glue, and then as a final step, added aqua blue splatters randomly around the layout with some more acrylic paint.

copper-5This was a nice, fast layout to work on. I enjoyed it, I enjoy the simplicity of the design and the colors. Looking forward to creating another similar layout.

Hope you enjoyed the layout. Please leave a comment, like or share the page! Thank you!

List of materials:

Canson Mixed Media sketchbook
Sharpie pen
Scrap cloth
Embroidery thread
PVA glue
Martha Stewart glue pen
Artist’s Loft Acrylic paints

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