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Happy weekend, everyone.

I’ve managed to squeeze in another art journal layout this week. Yippee! I’m so happy when I have something new that I can share.

This week’s layout and approach was inspired by watching some of Mimi Bondi’s work on YouTube. I love the bright, beautiful colors she puts into her layouts and their whimsical feel. I’m a big fan of full-spectrum colors being used in art, as well, and her art is certainly full of it. I encourage you to hop over to her channel and take a look.

I started out the layout straight on the Canson mixed media stock. I pulled out a very wide array of matte and metallic colors from my Artist’s Loft acrylic paint set and just set to work smearing them on the page with my fingers. I dried in between some applications while I worked.

When I got finished with the smearing approach, I went back over the layout with white paint and later phthalo blue with a sponging method using a wadded up baby wipe, dabbing it in the paint, then dabbing it all over the page to help soften hard edges. The phthalo blue was, in my opinion, the color that really helped pull everything together.

happy-pro-1Once I was satisfied with the colors and how they looked on the page, I gave it a thorough drying then went back over it with my silver Gelly Roll pen to add some cute little subtle silver accents here and there. I’m not sure the photographs really show those small details well. It’s more of a treat that you get to discover when looking at the page in person and moving it around in the light.

After the silver details were added, I went over the top of all of that using a full-coverage floral type stamp and black Archival Ink.

I allowed the layout to sit for a few days after that to figure out what image would end up living on the page and what my sentiment would be.

happy-4I finally decided to go with a large multi-petaled flower along with a smaller one. I drew the outlines on the page with a white Gelly Roll pen, then went over the top of it with more acrylic in white and aqua blue.

I dried that layering then outlined the flower shapes using my Bic Mark-It black marker. The flowers still needed to be anchored on the page better, though, so I went back aground the entire layout following the marker edges with metallic black and phthalo blue using the same sponging method I described earlier with a baby wipe.

After another drying session, I then determined I wanted the sentiment of the page to be “You already possess all you need to be genuinely happy” (and I realize now that I had misspelled “possess” on the layout! Oops!)

happy-3The flowers still needed more and that’s when I decided to follow along with the feel of the sentiment and I wrote out a gratitude list following the outlines of the flowers.

happy-2I like how it came out.

This is definitely a completely different approach than what I normally do with my art journaling. I’m glad I tried it because I love the depth and variety of color this provided. I’m sure I’ll be using this approach again in future layouts.

Hope you enjoyed the layout. Leave a comment below or like the page and share with your friends. :) Thanks for reading!


List of materials:

Canson Mixed Media sketchbook
Mod Podge (to sick two pages together)
Liquitex clear gesso
Artist’s Loft acrylics
Gelly Roll pen
Archival Ink
Bic Mark-It marker

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