“Patience is a Virtue”

#inktober, zentangle, patience is a virtue…and the reason why I came up with this sentiment.


It is a chilly October afternoon here in beautiful, colorful Colorado. Chilly, at least, to someone who was living in Hawaii previously for the past eleven years!

I’ve finished up another #inktober drawing in my hand-made leather journal and it’s ready to post! Yay!

I went with my usual “garden” theme. I can’t help it. I love drawing florals. It’s my thing.

The only really big thing I have to share about this drawing is why I came up with the sentiment.

It’s because I had a potentially beautiful OTHER drawing in the makings in my leather journal that I feel like I screwed up because I got lazy and hurried through it instead of giving it the kind of time it could have had in order to be a beautiful layout.

patience-4I was really excited with the idea of the drawing, too, when I first conceptualized it.

I came across a beautiful quote on the internet one day that said “My favorite color is October.” Loved it! I had to use it as inspiration for an ink drawing in my leather journal.

And so I did – I drew out the words and then started making little tangled leaves around the drawing.

october-1And then I got lazy. Each leaf was, admittedly, pretty time-consuming for me to work on, and I was getting anxious with them so I decided I’d do some super easy line drawing around the rest of the page because I didn’t want to spend time making more leaves.

Well, I regret the decision. It would have been much more beautiful if I’d taken the time to add more leaves – or even if I’d left it at the leaves I’d drawn and called the illustration “finished” right there.

No, I’m not jazzed with those dang lines. And that’s why the thought “Patience is a Virtue” came to mind when I started on the next drawing.

So there you have it. The workings of an artist’s mind. We get pushy and impatient, too! It’s good to remind myself to slow down.

In other news, I’m excited to say I have an Etsy shop in the makings. Woohoo! I will be putting my coptic stitch journals up there and possibly prints of some of my other works for sale. I’ll announce the shop officially when I’ve got it all stocked up.

Just in time for the holidays!

Happy creating everyone!


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