“Like Clockwork”


#lovefallart, clockwork orange, watercolorI sometimes wish I could just post a painting without writing a blog about it. Not that I dislike the writing… it just takes time to do and I just want to get the art up there to share! Because I’m excited!

This here is my “other project” I mentioned I was working on about a week or so ago. I had the outlines all taken care of a long time ago, but hadn’t sat down to do any actual painting until this weekend.

Actually, I got the majority of this done Friday evening. I was thinking I was almost done with it then, however, I was still a bit dissatisfied with his face. I originally left the left half of his face in a pink color and that just wasn’t jiving right with the yellow “highlights”. The pink was much lighter than the yellow so the highlights just looked off to me. I’m glad I came back this afternoon and touched up the left side of his face with some blue, and then also darkened up the blacks in the background and on his hat.

This is a fairly close representation of where I left the painting off Friday evening. You can see the pink on the left of his face.

This is, of course, inspired by the movie, A Clockwork Orange. I had actually watched the movie on Netflix the day I decided the lead character / villain would be a great subject for a painting. I’m categorizing this under #lovefallart because I think this guy is a bit Halloween-ish to me. I definitely referenced one of the more famous images of him on the web to do this painting, but the rest – the colors, the explosion of paint from his eyes, etc. were more influenced by the other watercolor artists I referenced in my Sugar Skull painting.

This was absolutely fun to do and I am excited with how it turned out. I feel his shirt could have been done better, but oh well. I’ll pull out my “Art Journal” card and dismiss any imperfections with that excuse. ;)

This took roughly three to four hours to complete. Same as the Sugar Skull painting, I gessoed a page in my Canson, dried it, flattened it and put down a faint outline of his face in pencil. Then proceeded to paint. This time I stuck with only my Grumbacher Academy watercolors. I was pretty sure I was going to want to come in and do some touchup work with my Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils, so I avoided the Kuretake Gambi watercolors because of their waxy finish.

I started off with a palette of Ultramarine Blue and Alizarin Crimson, mixed the two to create a violet, and then added in some Thalo Blue, drying between miscellaneous applications. My big heart-in-throat step was adding the Cadmium Yellow. While the page had been thoroughly dried, I was still anxious about it mixing in with some of the other colors unfavorably, but it turned out very well.

IMG_9892  IMG_9894  IMG_9895

As with most watercolor paintings of this nature, there was a lot of skipping around all over the painting, allowing certain portions to dry, and while I had one color loaded on my brush, I added it in several places so I wasn’t continuously washing my brush.

The scary step of adding yellow!

When I was close to being finished, I dried the painting and then did touch-up work with my Prismacolors. I also added the little squiggly white outlines around the paint explosions by his eyes using a white Gelly Roll pen.

As I said earlier, I allowed the painting to dry overnight and then came back to it again to add the final touch of blue on the left side of his face and added more Payne’s Gray to his hat and the background.


Another fun painting, I must say. Can’t wait to see what I feel inspired to do next.

Hope you enjoyed the painting. Leave a comment below or like the page and share with your friends. :) Thanks for reading!

List of materials:

Canson Mixed Media sketchbook
Grumbacher Academy watercolors
Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils
Gelly Roll pen

2 thoughts on ““Like Clockwork”

  1. Once again your work brings smiles. I love the color. Thanks for the explanation. I know that you get excited about posting the paintings but sharing your inspiration and process means much to this reader.

    Liked by 1 person

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