#inktober, cupcakes 

I’ve been going through some heavy-duty sugar cravings today and some equally heavy-duty urges to draw. So I figured why not combine the two?

I pulled out my awesome travel Moleskine during my lunch break today and put this drawing together with a trusty Sharpie pen. 

Really I’ve been craving cupcakes so that’s what the subject matter of the drawing is. 

Now I’d love to see if this manifests an awesome cupcake for me in the near future. 

I’m pretty pleased with the drawing except how I executed the banner. Didn’t like how it disrupts the text. Oh, well. This is just practice, yet again. ;)

While it didn’t satisfy my sugar cravings, at least it satisfied my creative urges. Momentarily…

Hope you enjoyed the drawing. Give it a try sometime… Craving something? Why not draw it? :)


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