Meeting Doodles

doodles-2I promise I have not fallen off the face of the planet. :)

And I promise I’ve also been doing something creative just about every single day this week in one form or another.

I have about three different projects I’ve been working on to keep my creative mind going. Two of which will have actual results that I’ll be sharing on here when they’re done.

Another creative venture I’ve been taking is learning more about drawing people. It has been a long-time desire of mine to learn how to effectively draw people in accurate proportions. I never took any classes on this. I have vague memories of going over human shapes in a high school art class, but that’s it. At that time, I used to not like drawing people. They weren’t interesting to me.

That opinion has changed over the years, however, and now I find them quite fascinating and I would like to be able to draw and paint people and portraits without needing to rely heavily on references.

I found some wonderful tutorials online the other day so I’ve been spending some time practicing and learning in my spare hours on weekday evenings (between my other projects.)

If you have any interest at all in drawing portraits and figures (anatomically correct), then hop over to WARNING: The site is about figure drawing and that means there are nudes. If you find that offensive in any way, or if you have little eyes peering at your computer screen while you’re on, I suggest not clicking the link and/or finding a more appropriate time to view the site.

I also decided to pick up a copy of Andrew Loomis’ book, Drawing the Head and Hands. Many skilled artists out there refer back to his techniques and approaches, so I decided it would be a worthy investment to have the book on hand.

All that tucked aside, on to the point of this post.

I found myself in a two-hour long meeting this morning going over ad designs for the next upcoming month and the creative beast was starting to whisper in my ear, wishing to be fed. I’m still quite fond of doing mock calligraphy so that’s where my doodles decided to take me today.

This is just a quickie example to show you all out there that there’s always time to do something a little creative. Even if it means doodling on your page of notes during a meeting or a phone call.

I’m a little timid at the moment about my doodling while at my new job. I sometimes think it can draw (pardon the pun) undo attention to myself if I start getting too elaborate. But I really don’t know what my deal is. I’m there as a graphic designer… an artist. That kind of stuff coming from me shouldn’t be too shocking for anyone to see.

But there it is. I fulfilled creative urges yet again, and I’m real happy I did.

doodles-1Looking forward to finishing up my next two projects, as well, and sharing them when they’re done. Just have to work them in between my two jobs, as I’m off for a late shift this evening at job #2 and another 6-hour shift again at job #2 tomorrow.


Thanks for reading! Share your meeting doodles!


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