believe, zentangle 
Still trying to find that sweet spot of time between work and other commitments to slake my creative thirst. 

I really honestly have been squirming to put color to paper but there’s just not enough time in my weekday evenings right now. 

I’m still a little ways off from finishing my latest layout in my Canson art journal because I need time in which I can pull out paints and clean up after 

Hooray that tomorrow is Friday, however. I plan to spend some time Friday evening finishing up my latest art journal layout and possibly start on the next one. 

My travel Moleskine and my leather hand crafted journal have both been great fill-ins for me, however, between art journaling and other creative endeavors such as my book binding. 

Still allows me to be creative just with no mess. 

This layout here is one I started on maybe a week ago, just adding to it a little at a time in my hand crafted journal. 

I like how it turned out. I want to get more practiced with Zentangles. I’m sure there are a billion other approaches to flowers and vines with it. I don’t always like having the exact same tangles showing up in every single drawing. 

Variety is the spice of life, ya know?

Thanks for reading! Leave me a like and share this with your friends if you enjoyed the layout. ;)

And happy upcoming weekend to my fellow working stiffs. May it be filled with creativity and happiness!


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