Create the life you want

  Moar drawingz!

I bring to you another traveling Moleskine entry this evening. 

I’m finding a new challenge now with keeping up with my drawing, book binding and art journaling while working two – yes two – jobs. 

I am gratefully, gainfully employed full time now, doing graphic design work. And I’m even more lucky because I get to work with beautiful paintings and drawings of flowers while doing my job. 

My other part-time work is nice and low stress and I get to work around creative people and supplies while I’m there. 

Yes I feel pretty blessed!

But working two jobs certainly eats into the time I have available to do what I really love – art journaling and book binding. 

The traveling Moleskine to the rescue!

  It fits so nicely into my purse so it’s easy to take along with me and pull out when the urge to create strikes while I’m away from home. 

I had such inspiration hit the other night during a little quiet down-time at my part-time job so I took it out and did some drawing. 

I am a member of a Facebook group called Art Journal Prompt Fridays and the latest prompt was to use fancy banners. So I took that prompt and used it for my drawing. 

  If you do any art journaling or you are contemplating giving it a go, I really recommend prompts. In fact,  when I began my love affair with art journaling, I relied on a lot of prompts my first month back in June when I pushed to do a new layout every day. I might not have been able to do so many layouts without the help of prompts. 

I haven’t used prompts for a couple months now and I’m sort of wanting to get back to doing a few prompt-inspired layouts in my art journal again. 

And what about my Canson art journal? Well fear not. I have another layout currently in progress right now. It’s just taking a while because my free time in which to do layouts has been significantly reduced. I should have something finished and ready to share, however, in a couple days. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my little quickie traveling layout for now. :)

Thanks for reading! 

Have any tips to share on how you get your creative urges satiated when your days are packed with other responsibilities? Please share below. 


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