Confessions of an Art Journaler

  I still wonder if the proper term is art journalist…?

Okay. I have to turn myself in after my long post the other day, complaining about wanting to work in my other art journals instead of my Canson.

You may recall my self-righteous speech about finishing what I start and blah blah blah… So I was going to stick it through to the bitter end with my Canson mixed media book. 

Well. I caved. 

I present to you my wrists. Cuff me and book me. I am weak. I succumbed to the siren call of my hand-made leather journal that I bought at the Renaissance Festival. With its beautiful clasp and its soft, amazing hand-crafted paper. 
I did it. 

I opened that sucker and drew in it!

  And it felt sooooooooo good. 

Will it make my crime any better if I say I not going to do mixed media in this? Only pen and ink drawings… Possibly only Zentangles?

Fuck it. 


 I’m doing it because I can. And damnit I’m glad I can, too! 

Thanks for letting me share. ;)


2 thoughts on “Confessions of an Art Journaler

  1. Love your pen and ink drawings. I have started zentangling recently and find it very meditative. You are inspiring me! I am a writing journaler but I like to play around with visual art to spark creativity.


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