Spread envy

I’m going through two-page spread envy at the moment.

I don’t know if any fellow art journalers out there can relate, but I’m finding that I just really enjoy the look of a two-page spread in a smaller book than what I’m currently getting out of my 9×12 spiral-bound Canson Mixed Media book.

I do realize I could do a spread of sorts in my Canson, however it’s just not the same with the large gap the spiral binding creates right in the middle of the layout. And even if a two-page spread in a stitch-bound book leaves a crease down the middle of my layout and it’s perhaps not quite as photogenic because of the crease, I still find I would rather work with two-page spreads in non-spiral-bound books.

I have all these fantastic blank art journals waiting for my work to appear in them as well. I have a second Moleskine sketchbook waiting (which I admit I’m a little apprehensive to use since I understand the paper quality has changed significantly between my old sketchbook and the one purchased recently.) I also have a Ranger Dylusions art journal which is basically the same size as the Moleskine. I have a normal lined journal from Paperblanks that I purchased at a gift shop with some birthday money a couple months ago awaiting some work. And then there’s this fantastic hand-made leather journal with hand-made paper inside that I purchased at the Renaissance Festival. Each one is a nice medium-size book with stitched binding just waiting for work to be done in it.

journals-1It hasn’t helped that I’ve been watching YouTube videos of art journalers (journalists?) working in spreads themselves. So I get envious!

I have about 14 more layouts to do plus the cover in order to finish my Canson art journal. It cannot seem to go fast enough! My dang Canson with its pages that like to warp, buckle and get wrinkly under applications of anything wet. (So very not impressed, Canson!)

“Why don’t you just pick up one of the other journals and start working in it?” you may ask. I know. There’s no rules… no Art Journal Police who will bust me for stopping mid-journal and working on a new one. But I just have this thing about seeing a project through all the way instead of starting on it then coming back to it some other day.

I used to do a lot of art that way… I’d start something and then never finish it. So this is an exercise for myself to stick things through and get that sense of accomplishment when I complete it. I really do feel good when I finish something I’ve started.

Those stitch-bound journals are certainly calling to me, however.

Soon, my pretties… soon.

In the meantime, I’ll continue my ho-hum partnership with the Canson. See it through all the way so I can give it some closure. Literally.

Do you have a favorite art journal you use? Do you prefer working on spreads, single sheets? Large or small? Leave your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading!


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