The Traveling Moleskine is traveling again…

I am so blessed to have a family that loves to spend time up in the beautiful Colorado Rockies as much as I do.

I write in my blog once again from the mountains. Only this time in a hotel with hot showers and comfy ( well sort of comfy) beds. Instead of from an air mattress in a sleeping bag in a tent.

We went 4-wheeling above Breckenridge along a trail called Swan River and we were greeted with many beautiful vistas.

We even were so lucky as to run across a herd of mountain goats.

As usual, the amazing scenery inspired me to do some more art when we arrived back at our hotel.

I eagerly pulled out my travel Moleskine, prepared a couple fresh cups of water for my watercolors a and got to work drawing a scene from a still pond we stopped at for some photos.

It was then, when I started digging through my bag for my travel watercolor set that I realized I forgot to pack the set!


I decided to keep working on the scene, however, filling in the dark areas with my Sharpie pen.

This just serves as a good mental note to myself. Add my travel watercolor set to my packing list.

Hopefully I’ll have another completed painting to share when I get back.

Until then, happy creating to my readers! May you never forget your travel creative kits while you’re out on an adventure.

(P.S. Editing in WordPress on an iPhone is pretty wonky. Sorry for any bizarre formatting.)

List of materials:

iPhone 5 camera
Moleskine travel sketchbook
Sharpie pen

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