Imagine – Coptic Stitch Journal

imagine-1Available for purchase. See details below.

Oops! I did it again…

I’m finding some serious joy creating these journals.

This one took significantly more time to put together than my last published journal because every single page inside is a glorious, colorful treat of hand-painted watercolor paper – marbled effect on one side and a coordinating gradient wash on the other.

Overall this was the same process as my previous coptic stitch journal. One difference (aside from the hand-painted pages), is that each “signature” is only one single page. I used thick bristol paper for this so nesting several pages inside of one-another to create genuine signatures would not have yielded favorable results. Regardless, this book contains a generous 4o pages.

imagine-6I also added ties to this journal as the thickness of its pages makes the journal want to alligator open. So the tie helps secure the book closed. The tie is made from scrap cloth.

imagine-5The idea for this particular journal is that it can be used to either write in, or the painted backgrounds can serve as a jumping-off point for art journaling and/or sketching.

imagine-2Yes! This gem is for sale. “Imagine” yourself using this colorful little treat for your journaling adventures – whether they be of the creative, artistic kind or simply scribbling down notes during class or a meeting. This would make a wonderful gift, as well.

imagine-7If you are interested in purchasing this, please contact me so I can provide you with the payment information and the shipping details. Shipping available only to the United States (Huge apologies to my international readers. Once I get my head wrapped around payment and shipping outside of the U.S. I will make future books available for international sales.)

Imagine Coptic Stitch Journal
3″ wide x 4.5″ tall
Acid-free watercolored bristol paper (100 lb.)
40 pages
$30.00 +shipping
Contact to inquire about purchase

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List of materials:

Strathmore Bristol paper
Strathmore Mixed Media paper
Winsor & Newton Watercolors
Golden Soft Gel Matte
Uni-ball Signo white pen
Loops & Threads embroidery thread
Bee’s Wax
Recollections Bone folder
Martha Stewart Scoring board
X-acto knife
Recollections cutting mat
J.A. Henckles Scissors
Scrap cloth

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