Moleskine art journal cover: “Dream, Create, Play”

cover-1At long last, I have completed the cover to my Moleskine art journal. I finally got clear on the direction I wanted to go with it after allowing myself several days to sort of stew on it.

I’m very pleased with how it turned out and it officially marks the completion from cover to interior of my first art journal.

The approach with this was pretty simple after I had completed the project of expanding its spine. I knew I wanted to maintain the black leather from the new spine so decided to go with colors and a design that wouldn’t clash with it.

I started off by covering the front and back with white gesso, drying between each turn of the book.

I followed that up on each side with three heavy spray applications of Dylusions spray inks, drying between each application. It created a nice, mottled sort of look, which I’m a little disappointed didn’t stay. I still need to find out an effective way to seal surfaces treated with Dylusions spray ink. They react to moisture very quickly. I’m not sure if I had allowed the cover to dry for a couple of days before continuing work with it if it would have yielded better results.

cover-2Regardless, while the mottled appearance did not survive after I smeared on a sealing of gel medium, I was still satisfied with the way the colors blended with the addition of the gel medium. The gel medium also saturated the pigments in the inks so I achieved a rich bold color that way. If I hadn’t treated the surface, it would have been more muted.

After the gel medium dried, I went over it again with Mod Podge. I did this to give the ink a double-seal, and to also remove the tack feel from the cover that gel medium leaves. With the applications of the gel medium and the Mod Podge, my cover has an appearance almost like that of oil painting. I really like the texture of it.

Once the sealants dried I added some additional texture and interest with a swirly stencil design and some Faber-Castell whipped spackle mixed with Faber-Castell glass bead glitter gel and a heafy dose of additional white Finnabar glitter.

I allowed the stencil work to dry then wrote the journal title on the cover using my white Uni-ball Signo pen.

cover-5I then added a little extra touches with some torn washi tape and a silk flower.

The back cover is more simple than the front. I stopped working on it after the second sealing coat of Mod Podge and left it at that. It is still a beautiful blue/green color with the wonderful texture left over from the gel medium and Mod Podge.

This is definitely a favored layout for me. Now I get to figure out how to store this. Haha!

Hope you enjoyed the layout. If you liked this post, please drop a comment, or like and share this with your friends!

List of materials:

Moleskine sketchbook
Mod Podge
Golden Soft Gel (Matte)
Liquitex white gesso
Faber-Castell Whipped Spackle
Faber-Castell Glass Bead Glitter Gel
Ranger Dylusions Ink Sprays
Uni-ball Signo white pen
Silk flowers
Elmer’s CraftBond tacky glue
Scotch washi tape

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