Art on the go

  I’ve been a bit silent lately on the blogging front due to an amazing 4-wheeling trip I’ve been on this weekend. 

I am posting this currently from my iPhone while lying snuggled up in a down sleeping bag inside a tent. Please excuse any typos to which my writing tool and environment may contribute. 

When I knew I was going on this trip I also knew I would need to bring along my mini travel Moleskine sketch book and my travel set of Winsor & Newton watercolors. Oh and my favorite Sharpie pen, of course. 

Most of my days have been spent bumping around in a decked out Toyota rig on some amazing back-country trails. Trails which have provided equally amazing photo opportunities of scenery, wildlife and basic 4-wheeling adventure. (I nearly caught a full “end-o” on video… Not familiar with this 4-wheeling term? Check out an example here.)

After long hours on the trails, however, I get back to our camp and have the urge to create. So I’ve been playing around a bit with watercolors in my travel Moleskine. 

Our trip today took us up about 12,000 feet to an abandoned mine high up in the Rockies. I took some shots of this amazing crumbling structure then decided to sketch and watercolor it back at camp. I’m a long ways from being done with this practice piece. I was also rushing against the fading light of sunset to get it somewhat complete. My photo is an afterthought as I sit here in my tent preparing to get some shut-eye. 

Definitely a fun change from my familiar desk in my office / crafting space. 

I’m eager to see what inspiration tomorrow’s trip will bring. 


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