galaxy-1I decided to step away a little from my art journal today and do a galaxy watercolor painting for some fun.

I’ve watched many speed painting demonstrations recently on YouTube and thought I’d give my own little galaxy a try.

Honestly I’m still getting used to the versatility watercolor allows. I used to picture watercolors as paintings that are mostly soft pastels in color – not these deep, rich colors that were achieved in this particular painting. And you’d think my experience with my “Eye” and “Clarity” paintings that I’d know off the bat that watercolor can provide deep dark colors. Continuing to learn… and having fun doing it!

I’m really quite happy with how this turned out. I am actually going to be sending this painting off to a friend in Hawaii to whom I technically owe a piece of art. The funny thing was I was just thinking of her when I finished up the painting and was thinking of sending it to her and she called me maybe a half hour later to ask me about some graphic design work. I haven’t talked to her in several months and then boom! The universe aligned. And the interesting thing is she told me she was doing a lot of meditation on the sense of space lately. So this painting was definitely meant for her.

I say I owe her a painting because she collaborated with me a couple years ago when I decided to participate in one of those chain-posts on Facebook that went something like this: “I will make a piece of art for the first ten people who respond to my post so long as you make something for me and offer to make a piece of art for ten other people, too.”

I had ten people respond to that post and this friend in particular was one of them. She even already made something for me. Thus far I will have only managed to give three people a piece of art. Slow progress! Haha. But hey, maybe everyone is going to start receiving watercolor galaxies from me…

galaxy-3This was pretty straightforward. The glory of working in one medium is that there’s not really a lot of steps to describe or special materials to list. Just watercolor paper taped down to a flat surface and thoroughly wet down, and then painted on with vibrant colors in a way that would create the image of a galaxy. I did allow the painting to dry once during the process to add some additional depth of color. And the white stars were achieved by splattering with a couple different paintbrushes.

So funny how this painting came about. Even down to the point that I did not do this in my art journal so it is completely accessible for me to mail off to my friend. The universe was working here in many ways – right down to the image itself!


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