roses-1Isn’t this the same design as the last one?

I know, I know – very similar in appearance to my last journal entry. I think I’m finding a good rhythm here, however – possibly even my niche where style is concerned. At least for this week, anyway.

I like how this layout turned out, however. Maybe even like it more than the one previous.

Why did I do something so similar to the last?

Well, a few reasons.

#1 – I wanted to have a similar color palette and “feel” when opened to a spread in my art journal. This particular page faces the previous journal entry, so when you open up the journal, there’s some symmetry there. Similar colors, objects and layouts. I’m thinking I may repeat this goal through the rest of my art journal; when opening to a spread you’re met with similar elements and colors instead of two vastly different layouts.

#2 – I feel like I’ve found an approach that gels well with me. I’m not forcing things out this way. I’m at peace when I’m working on these designs instead of feeling confused and like I’m maybe trying to force something to happen.

#3 – Practice. Practice. Practice. You know the saying… practice makes perfect. Well I’m enjoying this approach to the design with the serene colors, the interesting scrapbook paper background, and the practice its giving me drawing flowers. If you saw my post from yesterday, I had to pause for a moment mid-layout with this and write about my experience with drawing roses.

#4 – Because I can! It’s my art journal so I’m doing what makes me happy.

I began this layout by adhering another piece of pretty scrapbook paper to the journal using double-stick adhesive and gel medium. I used both because this particular scrapbook paper was stiff and I knew it wouldn’t bend well while I layered on gel medium behind it (My gel medium seems to dry pretty quickly. Not sure if its the brand or the environment, but it doesn’t leave me a lot of time to cover an entire page and then stick something down on top of it.)

Once that was down I wanted to decorate the left edge of the page a little near the binding so used a couple complimentary strips of washi tape. I then gessoed over the whole page and dropped a hand-made glue gun stencil down on the page. (Super fun to do, folks! Check out all the tutorials online about using a glue gun to make your own stencils.) I sprayed some Dylusions spray over the page with the stencil on it then did the flip-over method and dropped the opposite side of the stencil down on the opposite corner. I also sprayed that corner with a little Recollections gold ink spray for some shimmer and to bring in the gold tones from the facing layout.

I took out a pretty dragonfly / swirly vine stamp by Debbie Moore Designs (the Flutterby stamp set) and stamped it in spots around the edges of the layout using Archival ink.

roses-5I then glued down some torn pieces of a book page on the layout. It was at this time I was starting to think of doing roses on the page and wanted that torn book page to be an anchor for them. I painted over them a little with some shimmery acrylic paint and muddied up the layout a little with splashes from my Inktense pencil. I took the remaining moisture from the tip of the Inktense pencil and painted it in spots around the edges of the torn book page and on the main layout.

This is my first official page with some real journaling on it. Not just a brief statement but a stream of thoughts. I wrote down a quick fairly non-sensical entry on the page with my Staedtler Fine Liner pen in blue ink. Really the journal’s nothing extremely private or personal. Just a rattling off of what was in my head that evening when I wrote it. It’s about my belly dance class from earlier that evening. You can barely read it after I had treated the page with gel medium – the ink blurred a little bit – but that’s fine with me. I just mostly wanted the interest that words on the page would add to the layout.

For the roses I didn’t want to do the exact same approach as I had with the previous layout. This time I prepared a couple pages of scratch paper with a similar color palette using blue, gold and white acrylics and a spray here and there of blue and gold spray inks.

Prepped scrap pages ready to have roses drawn on them.

I allowed those pages to dry and then drew my roses on them. I also drew a couple roses on what remained of that torn book page, and I really like how those roses turned out. I cut them all out with my x-acto knife then adhered them to the layout after I had sealed it with gel medium (didn’t want the spray inks from earlier smudging over the roses.) I attached the roses to the page with more gel medium then went over the blue roses with some Faber-Castell Glass Bead Glitter Gel to give them a little sparkle. I shaded around the roses with my Inktense pencil then glued down the chain-like dohicky (yep, that’s it’s official scientific name) to the upper left of the layout after treating it with a little bit of gold acrylic.

As a final step I distressed the edges of the entire layout with some more Archival ink.

Hope you enjoyed the layout. Leave a comment below or like the page and share with your friends. :) Thanks for reading!

List of materials:

Canson Mixed Media sketchbook
Mod Podge
Liquitex clear gesso
Golden Soft Gel (Matte)
Washi tape
Distress ink
Archival ink
Scrapbook paper
Torn page from a book
Staedtler Fine Liner Pens
Sharpie Pen
Derwent Inktense pencils
Debbie Moore stamp
Faber-Castell Glass Bead Glitter Gel

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