Ubiquitous “Haul” Post

IMG_8672I’ve decided to join the ranks of the “haul” posts / videos and share a little about my awesome find yesterday.

The best part about it is it was all free. Woohoo!

I stopped by my parents’ place yesterday as my mother was helping me with re-sewing the elastic bands on my zills. (I take belly dance classes.) While she was doing that, my mind was churning thinking about all the years and years of craft supplies she has and asked her if she happened to have any scraps, buttons, yarn, etc. that she no longer wanted that I could use for my art journaling.

She was more than generous and set me up with a little treasure-trove of scrap items.

IMG_8669I now have several balls of yarn, some scrap fabrics (some of which come from a quilt she’s making for me,) buttons and other mystery doodads.

Now I have to figure out where to store all of this, and also work out in my head where I might apply these items into my art journal.

I do have a loose plan hatching in my head for the cover of my first art journal which is my Moleskine, and these items will certainly provide some oomph to whatever it is I decide to set up.

IMG_8670Anyone else have amazing free haul stories to share? Post ’em below!


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