I am real excited that this page here represents the final page of my Moleskine notebook art journal. This has been a long time coming. The particular Moleskine I have been working in is one that I’ve had since 2008. Only in June of this year did I finally start filling it with what it’s supposed to contain: art!

I will take a few pictures of my Moleskine – which is now straining at the spine – and post them in another post, since I’d like this one here to focus on this last page’s layout.

I knew right away for this final page that I wanted it to represent “the end”, so I went with the “Fin.” statement. I also knew I wanted to do a lot of doodling on the page with Zentangles and that I wanted to try that approach again of having torn scraps of text in the background. Having learned my lesson with the watercolors, I added color to the page instead with Dylusion spray inks which can dry transparent.

I really like how this turned out and feel like it’s a fitting final page to the art journal that honors what the journal represents.

Without further ado, here are the steps I took along the way, along with actual progress photos (yay!)

Torn scraps of paper from books, a phone directory and scrap papers covered with whipped spackle.

I began this layout by adhering scraps of paper from torn up scrap paper and book pages (sorry, Stephen King – or is it “thank you”?) and a page torn out from a phone directory. I did this using Golden Soft Gel Matte. I wanted to add some texture to the page so used an offset palette knife to smear on patches of Faber-Castell Whipped Spackle. This was my first time using the whipped spackle and it certainly adds fun texture, but I also noticed in some places the texture tended to be almost spongey.

Dylusions spray inks.

After that dried, I gave it a generous spray down of Dylusions spray inks. I wanted a warm palette so I chose to use yellows and reds. I was a bit dissatisfied with how the ink dried on top of the whipped spackle, however – it lost its vibrancy and looked a bit dull. I was really looking for a serious pop of yellow to write my “Fin” statement on so I eventually decided to grab a separate piece of scrap paper and sprayed it with the Dylusions yellow inks. Because the paper hadn’t been treated with anything, they yellow really came out brilliant.

Card stock with Dylusions ink sprays in Lemon Zest and Pure Sunshine.

I drew the “Fin” statement onto the card after the ink had dried with my trusty Sharpie pen (I LOVE these things.) I referenced a font called “Memoriam Pro” if you’re curious. I followed most of the general frame of it, but added a little extra touch here and there.


FullSizeRender-1Once I was finished with the text I tore it out of the piece of card stock and adhered it to the page using my Scotch adhesive roller. I figured that adhesive would work better than fudging around with glue on top of the rough surface that the whipped spackle had created. I wanted to add pops of that great yellow color from the card stock around other parts of the page so tore some of the remaining stock and adhered it on the layout.

fin-5Once all of that was done, it was time for my doodling. I cannot tell you how much I really enjoy drawing those little Zentangle flowers, by the way. They come out awesome. You’ll see them in other layouts of mine, as well, because they’re just pretty. I did most of the doodles with my Sharpie pens in Fine and Medium. I pulled out my new Uni-ball Signo white pen to add the little white swirls seen all over the layout. Because the uni-ball pen’s ink was liquid based, it reacted with the Dylusions inks and they bled through, giving a sort of watermark affect, which I was perfectly happy with.

I then adhered a couple silk flowers to the layout and then punched out some little dots with a hole punch and adhered those to the page, as well. I wanted to add a little pop of contrasting color to the page for some added interest.

fin-2I’m so proud of myself for finishing this journal all the way through, and enjoy how this layout turned out.

Hope you enjoyed the layout. I am open to comments and suggestions on how to better describe processes, etc.

List of materials:

Moleskine notebook
Mod Podge
Golden Soft Gel (Matte)
Faber-Castell Whipped Spackle
Ranger Dylusions Ink Spray in Lemon Zest, Pure Sunshine, Cherry Pie and Postbox Red
Sharpie Pen in fine and medium
Uni-ball Signo white pen
Silk flowers
Elmer’s CraftBond tacky glue
Martha Stewart ballpoint-tip glue pen
Scotch extra strength adhesive roller

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