I’ve been wanting to step into some more “fine-art” type of mediums in my art journal so for this layout I went with design that was primarily watercolor.

This one actually was going to be more of a mixed medium layout – meaning I was going to actually cut up pieces of scrap paper and die and use them for the tail feathers, but it got to being a bit tedious cutting them out and thinking of sticking them to the page just wore me out. So I copped-out and took the easy route – watercolor with some pen over the top.

I also wanted to do a vertical layout this time around instead of my usual landscape layouts.

I like how this turned out, overall, with the exception of the tail feathers. I feel like I should have used more green in them or something.

Pretty straight forward approach, however. I drew the original peacock shape on my separate sketch pad then transferred it to my art journal by coloring the back of the sketched page with oil pastel and then putting it on top of the journal and tracing over the top.

Progress photo. You can see where I have the transfer image from the oil pastels in brown.

Why transfer like this?

Remember, I said I was originally going to do a cut-out layout of this instead so I was using that master sketch as a template on scratch paper, as well.

Once the shape was on the page, I just filled it all in with watercolor, adding decorative washes of color around the bird for more interest. I then added Zentangle details using my Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens.

Close-up view of some Zentangles.

Pretty satisfied with how this came out. Was fun to do something with watercolor for a change.

Hope you enjoyed the layout. I am open to comments and suggestions on how to better describe processes, etc.

List of materials:

Moleskine notebook
Mod Podge
Liquitex Clear Gesso
Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens

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